About Heavenly Scentz

All-Natural, Handmade Products

Hi, my name is Ranelle and welcome to Heavenly Scentz! A little about me:

I was born a crafty person and enjoy every opportunity I get to make items for my family and friends by hand. One item that I have always been intrigued with is soap. I wanted an all-natural soap for my boys and realized they were not easy to find, or when I did, they were way overpriced. I wanted a product that was safe to use, without harmful chemicals or parabens. When I decided to start making soap, this allowed me to know exactly what was going into my products. I wanted to help others that were also looking for an all natural alternatives for their families as well. This is what got me started on this path of selling my homemade products to consumers.

As you can tell, I have expanded my line beyond soaps to include many other homemade items. Please explore Heavenly Scentz where you can find the perfect natural products for you or a loved one. Everything smells wonderful, they are handmade, truly unique and are not something that is mass produced in a factory somewhere.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Heavenly Scentz. I’m excited to share my all-natural men’s and women’s products with you. Please enjoy!

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